Fully Dedicated to Roasting for the Success of YOUR Herd

Our roasted products at KLC Farms Roasting, Inc. have been successfully used in the dairy, deer feed, swine, equine, poultry, and pet food industries for nearly 30 years.

Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the most reasonable prices possible. We take great pride in our company, in our roasting process, in the products we sell, and in our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Owned and operated by Kevin and Janet Lahr, KLC Farms Roasting is based in Sauk Centre, Minnesota. Kevin and Janet represent the second generation of Lahrs, and having grown up learning the business Kevin hopes to continue to meet and exceed customers' expectations.

Tried, Tested & True

The product all got started in 1988, when Kevin's dad Larry began roasting soybeans for use in his own dairy rations. Soon after - in true farmer helping farmer fashion - he started promoting roasted soybeans based on the success noted in his own herd.

Making a Big Move

In 1990, we made the big decision to sell our herd and make soybean growing, harvesting, and roasting our full-time business. With that, KLC Farms Roasting, Inc. was officially born. Since then our company has made many changes, some based on customer needs and others based on improvements in our roasting process.

Today we operate as a family owned grain processor specializing in producing roasted soybeans and roasted corn as well as providing custom roasting for specific livestock needs (cows, deer, goats, pigs, horses, and poultry). At KLC Farms Roasting we are committed to using the latest technology to produce the highest quality and most consistent roasted products in the industry.

Rack Roast

Rack Roast is a high energy blend of KLC Farms roasted beans and KLC Farms roasted corn packed with natural vitamins, minerals, and amino acids made more available through the KLC Farms roasting process. The natural nutty aroma attracts deer. The taste and performance keep them coming back.

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Setting New Standards for Roasting Excellence
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