The Tested Nutritional Data of Our Roasted Soybeans

Quality and Consistency are Our Main Objectives.

At KLC Farms Roasting, quality and consistency are our main objectives from the time the beans are selected until they leave our facility. In order to obtain these objectives, we maintain a continuous and documented Quality Assurance Program. In addition to visual inspection and careful equipment monitoring, we also utilize lab testing to insure a proper roast. We currently use the 3-step 16 hour In Situ Rumen Undegraded Protein (RUP) and Intestinal Digestibility test by Rock River Labs of Wisconsin to help guarantee the consistent quality of our product.

KLC Farms Roasted Soybeans Amino Acid Profile (Dry Matter Basis)
Methionine 0.54
Cystine 0.52
Lysine 2.47
Tryptophan 0.51
Threonine 1.46
Isoleucine 1.83
Histidine 0.97
Valine 1.90
Leucine 2.99
Argine 2.77
Phenylanaline 1.94
Crude Protein Min. 37%
Crude Fat Min. 17%
Crude Fiber Max. 6%
Bypass Protein Index 40-45%

Setting New Standards for Soybean Excellence
High Palatability     High Protein     High Energy     High Nutrients     Highly Digestible