Rack Roast

Rack Roast is a high energy blend of KLC Farms roasted beans and KLC Farms roasted corn packed with natural vitamins, minerals, and amino acids made more available through the KLC Farms roasting process. The natural nutty aroma attracts deer. The taste and performance keep them coming back.

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Why roast?

  • Roasting soybeans kills unwanted urease enzymes & trypsin inhibitors while at the same time making the protein, fat & amino acids easier to digest.
  • Roasting corn converts starches to readily digestible sugars and helps prevent acidosis (caused by eating too many raw starches, which can cause ruminants, like deer to "go off feed"). It's a similar concept to cooking your potato or eating it raw.
  • Time and temperature are very important in the roasting process – anything out of balance can cause over cooked or under cooked product. Either one makes the protein, energy, and minerals naturally available in the corn and soybeans unavailable.
  • Over 30 years' experience has dialed us into the correct time and temperature as well as the correct equipment to use


Simple Product — Refined Process — Proven Results

We know that many hunters have their own special blend. That is why, in addition to our all new Rack Roast 25, we offer KLC Farms roasted soybeans and KLC Farms roasted corn unblended – giving you added feeding flexibility.

Setting New Standards for Soybean Excellence
High Palatability     High Protein     High Energy     High Nutrients     Highly Digestible